Top 4 Wagering Mistakes to Avoid in Sports Betting

Let’s face it – no matter where we bet, there is always leaks in the system. This causes people to get frustrated over wages that don’t go their way. As a response, more bettors are starting to go against the rules of staying above the bankroll. However, without the proper knowledge, mistakes can lead us to poor bets and the loss of money.

Here are the top 4 wagering mistakes to avoid in sports betting.

Bets without the Handicap

Almost every better is guilty of making their bet without the handicapping. Most mistakes often involve the wagers on the favorite team or higher profiles without any effort in research. While it can work out, placing bets on a hunch and little data will end up causing you to lose profit. The best sports teams will not always cover the most spreads.

Neglecting to Set a Limit

Chasing a bet that is losing with more bets is never a good idea. Those single losses will often cause a better to place a wager on one wager that they are not used to. Betting on sports is one hobby that requires discipline and setting the appropriate limits. These limits and rules will keep you on track throughout the bet.

Automatically Choosing the Favorite by Default

One major struggle for betters is to choose the favorite by default. However, in 2016, the favorite NFL and NBA teams won by nearly 67% of the time. While this is overwhelming, betters who do not know those stats will automatically assume that the favorite team is the better choice.

Bet Just for the Sake of It

One mistake bettors make is to bet just for the sake of it. The aspect of Sports betting serves many different purposes for those who bet as some take it as a hobby while others hope to gain profit.

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4 Tips on How to Get Started on Sports Betting

Looking for tips on how to get into sports betting and actually have a chance of winning? Well, look no further as we’ve narrowed down the best tips on how to beat the odds and take advantage of sports books.

Here are 4 tips on how to get started on sports betting.

Get Access to Multiple Sportsbooks

Ideally, the best bet any better can have is to gain access to more than three sports books. Choose one sharp, reduced juice and one square. The square sports book will refer to the odds that cater to the general bettors. These types of sports books will have fairly low limits and benefit the favorites and overs. This means betters will have higher lines for under and underdogs.

Having access to multiple sports books will increase the profits in the long-term by nearly 2%. While that may seem like a small difference, this tiny difference can be the difference between a win and a loss.

Choose a Consistent Unit Size

Try not to overreact over a recent streak as many good systems will end up winning in the long run. Maintaining a consistent unit size will keep you in the competition. In fact, experts say that between 2-5% will prevent you from unrealistic winning percentages that are often advertised on chase systems.

Sell the Good News, Purchase the Bad

Base your decisions on recent trends as you can take advantage of artificial lines on the trend. Experts recommend that bettors will benefit from going against the public by betting against the favorite team, betting on teams after a loss, and avoid teams with a must-win play.

Be Cautious of Handicappers That Sell Picks

Generally, it is important to avoid handicappers as they are not typically trustful to their numbers. While there are some major exceptions, many handicappers will promote the fantasy of winning percentages without documentation of their previous performance.

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Top 4 Tips on Betting on Sports

Based on years of sports betting research and experience, we’ve used the methods of statistics that are commonly used to locate profitable betting value in the stock market. If you want to find out how to make smarter bets and achieve more winnings, check out these tips below.

Here are the top 4 tips on betting on sports.

Bet on the Right Sportsbook

Place your bets on the right sports book will be the best way to increase your chances of winning. When you shop around for the best sports book, you will increase your winning chance by nearly 4% regardless of what team you bet on. It is important to keep in mind that all sports books are not the same and will make all the different on your chances of winning.

Bet on Your Favorites Early and Underdogs Later on in the Game

Most expert sports better knows that the public gamers enjoy making their bets on the favorites. That is where you can use this to your advantage. Most players are the underdogs as their value in buying back the betting odds grow from the money of the public. You can take advantage of online tools such as the line movement prediction to help you figure out the different scales on where the games will tip.

Take Advantage of Betting Percentages Data

Check out the many useful data on betting percentages to help you gain insight on the worth of betting lines. Once you’ve done your research you will know that the home team is favored with a -7 betting line, while 90% of all bets placed on the game provides the clear picture.

Place your Bets Against The Public Vote

One of the most popular and effective tips when it comes to betting on sports is to always bet against the public’s favorite. Whatever team is may be, bet on the opposing team. This tip alone is exactly why sports books make so much business. Betting against the public favorite will end up being more profitable than if you were to go with the crowd.

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